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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Democrats Give Calderon Standing Ovation for Bashing the USA

Democrats shame themselves by giving a standing ovation to Mexican president when he bashes the United States and Arizona in particular for its illegal immigration law. I try to avoid politics in my posts, but this is so outrageous it cannot be ignored. Barack Obama has demonstrated time and time again his disloyalty to our great nation. He is ashamed of the United States. We do not need a commander-in-chief who is unable to be proud of the country he is supposed to represent. Obama is unable to advocate for our nation; he is too busy kissing butts of dictators and despots. Now the democrats join him. They have revealed their true natures and do not deserve the privilege of representing our country. Vote them out!

President Calderon is a hypocrite and should take a look at his country's own immigration policies. He should also address his country's many failings and ask himself why his citizens are leaving in droves. But I don't blame him nearly as much as I blame our own representatives. It was a shameful display to give applause and a standing ovation to a foreign leader who is bashing our country.

It's sickening.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make Your Own Eyeglasses or Sunglasses Case

My first online article:
Make Your Own Eyeglasses or Sunglasses Case

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Frequently Felt

Man Claims Not to Eat for 70 Years!

According to an article from Live Science, an Indian mystic claims he has had nothing to eat or drink since 1940, taking his sustenance from air and from meditation. He is being studied. Not only is this outrageous, it would seem impossible. I hope there is a follow-up on this story. The human body must have food and water to survive. If the body could survive without food, the Donner Crossing would not have turned into such a tragedy, and people would not regularly perish from anorexia. Breatharians feel that choosing not to eat is only part of a lifestyle designed to expand the sphere of consciousness.
As for me, I am unable to believe such a thing is possible.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wall Street Dive Caused by "Fat Fingers"?

When I hear the phrase "fat fingers", I don't immediately think of Wall Street. It's not the first image called to my mind. But then, you know what kind of mind I have. lol.


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Bailing Out Fannie & Freddie

Fannie Mae is asking for another $8.4 billion according to CNN. As just an average ordinary citizen, it boggles my mind that our tax dollars were spent on bailing out any large corporations. As a taxpayer, I feel helpless. The government will do as it wishes regardless of the will of the people. What about the little people? The ones who are supposed to be represented? Where are our bail outs?
Failure is the price of making mistakes. It's the cost of bad business practices. These giant corporations should suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.
If you take a look at the salaries these bozos were earning, it will make you sick. Why are we bailing these people out? A better question might be why do CEOs earn so much money for doing a bad job?
The voters in this country are justifiably angry and it will be evidenced in the election.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Used Pantyhose to Clean Oil Spill

According to an AOL news article, "Hanesbrands is donating 50,000 pairs of used pantyhose to make oil-absorbing hair booms".
The plan is to stuff the nylons with human hair and use them to trap the spilled oil.
I am wondering how Hanesbrands got their hands on used pantyhose. As far as I know, women do not routinely return their used nylons to the manufacturer. Are pantyhose recyclable?
While I think it's wonderful this effort is being made, it wouldn't have been my first idea of how to put worn pantyhose to good use. (wink wink)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tips for Writing

Here is a great article by Cheryl Rainfield with writing tips:

Top Ten Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Writing

Does Stephen King Hate Adverbs?

Stephen King said, "The road to hell is paved with adverbs."
I understand this, but don't necessarily agree. It's true that too many adverbs can make your writing seem amateurish and lacking in real content. However, I happen to like a well-placed adverb. If a character walks, I'd like to know how he walks. Does he walk softly? Does he walk crookedly? Does he walk briskly or slowly? I suppose a writer could find a different word than "walk". Skips, strides, glides, sneaks, tiptoes, etc. But sometimes a plain and simple verb works best, with a nice ripe adverb to make it tasty.
If you were to peruse Stephen King's books, I'm sure you will find adverbs. And I think I know what he meant in this quote. He is a talented and prolific writer and could not possibly be suggesting that we never use adverbs. I think he is suggesting we use them like a spice, sparingly and for flavor without overwhelming the literary palate.
Apparently Mark Twain shared this distaste for adverbs as well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dirty Words in Erotica

Now, there is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, but when it comes to erotica that I enjoy reading, it's something of a turn-off (for me personally) to have body parts crudely described. That kind of rhetoric has its place, for certain, but many women (and possibly men too) do not find it romantic or titillating. If the tall dark and gorgeous hunk looks into the sultry woman's eyes and says, "I know what you need; you need my big throbbing cock in your hot wet pussy", I've lost interest. I expect the heroine to say "go straight to hell, buddy, and take your ego with you". However, if he gazes deep into her eyes and says, "I want you so much I think I'll explode" then I'm right there on the page with her. If he says "Let me slide into you and feel you around me; let me taste you; let me take you", then I'm still hanging on. I guess that makes me vanilla.
Yet even with that said, I realize there is an audience who likes their erotica straightforward, without frills and euphemisms, and directly to the point. Therefore, I am not discounting that style of writing. And I will probably utilize it in future works. I guess that makes me a vanilla hypocrite! Guilty as charged!
It will be interesting to slap some hard unforgiving terms into the text of my next novel. Kind of like adding hot pepper to a dish. It gets your attention.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

If You Want My Money, Don't YELL At Me

I like to listen to the radio when I'm driving. But some commercials drive me crazy: those ads that yell at me about their products or service. There is even a petition for people who want to boycott loud commercials on tv.
I have to wonder if there is a special course in the advertising educational package that includes "Yelling At Potential Customers". I don't follow the logic.
Some of the biggest perpetrators of this type of commercial are liquidators. Whether they are liquidating lumber, furniture, or cars, the word "liquidate" calls to mind something one might expect from an alien with a ray gun. Or maybe I've just been too submersed in writing my current novel, which happens to be a sci-fi. Nonetheless, advertisers might want to consider searching the thesaurus for a new word. Liquidate just doesn't trip my trigger. Especially when it is screamed at me by an over-excited announcer who sounds as if he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown or cerebral blowout.
Speaking of blowouts, this seems to be another favorite phrase of the advertising yellers. To me, "blowout" does not sound like an event I would want to attend. It brings images of tires blowing up which is a decidedly unpleasant image. Now "clearance" or "sale" are words I do understand. They are useful, descriptive, optimistic, and friendly words. But they can be said at a normal volume. It is not necessary to sound inappropriately excited about the item; it is merely comical and irritating. Announcers: screaming your ad info at me at full-throttle makes you sound hyper to the point of dysfunction and perhaps suffering from a hearing disorder.
Racetracks, furniture stores, and car dealerships seem to be among those most guilty of this type of in-your-face advertising. But I've also heard this method used by carpet dealers, fairs and festivals, and lawn products suppliers. Oftentimes, loud annoying sound effects are added to the background to further grate on the nerves.
Attention advertisers: When your announcer speaks very quickly at high volume, it does not make me want to buy your product or attend your event. It does the opposite. Calm down and take a pill! If your product or service is worth buying, you don't need to scream its virtues. Just explain them.

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