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Monday, May 10, 2010

Bailing Out Fannie & Freddie

Fannie Mae is asking for another $8.4 billion according to CNN. As just an average ordinary citizen, it boggles my mind that our tax dollars were spent on bailing out any large corporations. As a taxpayer, I feel helpless. The government will do as it wishes regardless of the will of the people. What about the little people? The ones who are supposed to be represented? Where are our bail outs?
Failure is the price of making mistakes. It's the cost of bad business practices. These giant corporations should suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.
If you take a look at the salaries these bozos were earning, it will make you sick. Why are we bailing these people out? A better question might be why do CEOs earn so much money for doing a bad job?
The voters in this country are justifiably angry and it will be evidenced in the election.

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