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Thursday, May 6, 2010

If You Want My Money, Don't YELL At Me

I like to listen to the radio when I'm driving. But some commercials drive me crazy: those ads that yell at me about their products or service. There is even a petition for people who want to boycott loud commercials on tv.
I have to wonder if there is a special course in the advertising educational package that includes "Yelling At Potential Customers". I don't follow the logic.
Some of the biggest perpetrators of this type of commercial are liquidators. Whether they are liquidating lumber, furniture, or cars, the word "liquidate" calls to mind something one might expect from an alien with a ray gun. Or maybe I've just been too submersed in writing my current novel, which happens to be a sci-fi. Nonetheless, advertisers might want to consider searching the thesaurus for a new word. Liquidate just doesn't trip my trigger. Especially when it is screamed at me by an over-excited announcer who sounds as if he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown or cerebral blowout.
Speaking of blowouts, this seems to be another favorite phrase of the advertising yellers. To me, "blowout" does not sound like an event I would want to attend. It brings images of tires blowing up which is a decidedly unpleasant image. Now "clearance" or "sale" are words I do understand. They are useful, descriptive, optimistic, and friendly words. But they can be said at a normal volume. It is not necessary to sound inappropriately excited about the item; it is merely comical and irritating. Announcers: screaming your ad info at me at full-throttle makes you sound hyper to the point of dysfunction and perhaps suffering from a hearing disorder.
Racetracks, furniture stores, and car dealerships seem to be among those most guilty of this type of in-your-face advertising. But I've also heard this method used by carpet dealers, fairs and festivals, and lawn products suppliers. Oftentimes, loud annoying sound effects are added to the background to further grate on the nerves.
Attention advertisers: When your announcer speaks very quickly at high volume, it does not make me want to buy your product or attend your event. It does the opposite. Calm down and take a pill! If your product or service is worth buying, you don't need to scream its virtues. Just explain them.

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