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The Gypsy Pall


Friday, May 7, 2010

Dirty Words in Erotica

Now, there is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, but when it comes to erotica that I enjoy reading, it's something of a turn-off (for me personally) to have body parts crudely described. That kind of rhetoric has its place, for certain, but many women (and possibly men too) do not find it romantic or titillating. If the tall dark and gorgeous hunk looks into the sultry woman's eyes and says, "I know what you need; you need my big throbbing cock in your hot wet pussy", I've lost interest. I expect the heroine to say "go straight to hell, buddy, and take your ego with you". However, if he gazes deep into her eyes and says, "I want you so much I think I'll explode" then I'm right there on the page with her. If he says "Let me slide into you and feel you around me; let me taste you; let me take you", then I'm still hanging on. I guess that makes me vanilla.
Yet even with that said, I realize there is an audience who likes their erotica straightforward, without frills and euphemisms, and directly to the point. Therefore, I am not discounting that style of writing. And I will probably utilize it in future works. I guess that makes me a vanilla hypocrite! Guilty as charged!
It will be interesting to slap some hard unforgiving terms into the text of my next novel. Kind of like adding hot pepper to a dish. It gets your attention.

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