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The Gypsy Pall


Friday, May 21, 2010

Democrats Give Calderon Standing Ovation for Bashing the USA

Democrats shame themselves by giving a standing ovation to Mexican president when he bashes the United States and Arizona in particular for its illegal immigration law. I try to avoid politics in my posts, but this is so outrageous it cannot be ignored. Barack Obama has demonstrated time and time again his disloyalty to our great nation. He is ashamed of the United States. We do not need a commander-in-chief who is unable to be proud of the country he is supposed to represent. Obama is unable to advocate for our nation; he is too busy kissing butts of dictators and despots. Now the democrats join him. They have revealed their true natures and do not deserve the privilege of representing our country. Vote them out!

President Calderon is a hypocrite and should take a look at his country's own immigration policies. He should also address his country's many failings and ask himself why his citizens are leaving in droves. But I don't blame him nearly as much as I blame our own representatives. It was a shameful display to give applause and a standing ovation to a foreign leader who is bashing our country.

It's sickening.

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